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When it comes to art and artistic objects, the going advice is always to buy what you love and can afford, whether your home décor style is boho, period, rustic, or something else. I have an entrenched habit of shopping markdowns and acquiring too much of what I merely like rather than love, but I’m trying to change that up. With that in mind, I’ve started collecting collages of an artist I discovered while browsing Saatchi Art: Edoardo De Falchi.

I’ve always gravitated toward collage. The storyteller in me likes seeing images and shapes pieced together to create something new and abstract. So when I saw Saatchi had gobs and gobs of original collage to browse, I went for it and found this gorgeous boho lady by De Falchi:

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Edoardo De Falchi/Saatchi Art

De Falchi calls her Goya ≈ Kandinsky.

And if Goya and Kandinsky are approximately equal, their combination here is greater than the sum of the parts, at least to my untrained and adoring eye. Yes, I realize this was likely made from a mashup of Taschen art books bought in a used bookstore, but I LOVE her, so I bought her.

The Original Collage. From the artist (signed on back). It’s not my first purchase of original art, but close. So if I seem a bit giddy, you’ll understand.
www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan

She is a combination of The Duchess of Alba with her Maltese Dog by Francisco de Goya and Sky Blue by Wassily Kandinsky. Goya painted several portraits of this woman—María Cayetana de Silva, the 13th Duchess of Alba—who was known for her eccentric personality.

…You might say that very thing of me! No wonder She called out to me….

Sky Blue was one of Kandinsky’s later paintings. The whimsical creatures afloat in the sky resemble mixed-up animals.

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Edoardo De Falchi/Saatchi Art

Usually collage involves layering images to build up something new. In this collage, the layering is a little different. Areas—specifically the face and dress of the duchess—have been cut away so that Kandisky’s image, placed behind Goya’s, shows through. The result lends an other-wordly quality to Goya’s portrait and seems to me to be about looking not outward, but inward, to the imagination.

 She’s my new muse, & I can see her as I work.

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A decent portion of De Falchi’s work is priced at a level that makes purchasing an original not so much more than buying a print, but you can do that as well, in whatever size your walls require. Indeed, his images are available on tote bags, mugs and more, and he works in other media besides collage.

Who Edoardo De Falchi is, though, remains a bit of a mystery. It’s known that he works as a graphic artist in Rome, but beyond that he keeps himself to himself. In an interview he said he thought the point of making art was to let it speak for you. I like that, and I like what his art says to me. 

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Saatchi allows you to make an offer on the art you’re interested in, but it quickly rejects low-ball offers (I know, I tried). I found you’re fairly safe of getting an offer accepted if you take 15 percent off the listed price, though there will be a delay while it’s submitted to the artist (or so the website says). Shipping is included, regardless of where the work originates. Any promo codes you have only apply to listed prices.

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My order took about eight weeks to arrive because, coming from Italy, it had to go through customs. But it was worth the wait. It came through unscathed with some lovely stamps and postmarks that even intrigued the delivery agent. “Must be something special,” he said, “all the way from Italy!”

Yes, I replied, fingers twitching in anticipation. Now hand it over before I stab you with my pen. (Okay, I didn’t really say that last part.)

De Falchi included a 2nd collage as a thank-you.

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Edoardo De Falchi

This is not a PRINT of a collage, but an actual cut-and-pasted work. An abstract self-portrait? My heart went pit-a-pat! I included it along with the provenance within the preservation mount and frame.

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Edoardo De Falchi/Saatchi Art

Saatchi sends me emails when Edoardo (we’re Facebook friends now) uploads new work, so the other day I knocked around the site and ordered two more collages: “This is not the Portrait of Jane Seymour” (left, with apologies to Rene Magritte on the title, I assume) and “LʘʘK!” (right).

Look and see more, indeed!! Thank you very much, I believe I shall.

I’d love to own this one (hint-hint):

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Edoardo De Falchi/Saatchi Art

Della Francesca﹏Mirò, but it’s waaaaaayyyy out of my price range. Maybe Edoardo will tuck it into my next shipment as a bonus for becoming a collector.

No? Well, it was worth a shot.

Edoardo De Falchi/Saatchi Art
I like this one just as much—Morandi ˘ ⌡ ˘ Goya—and it’s less money but still a bit out of my price range at present. So Edoardo—old-buddy-old-pal—feel free to subsitute it as my next thank-you.

If you want more (like I do)…

  • Check out Edoardo De Falchi’s website, 1nd3x.
  • Follow him on Flickr and/or Facebook.
  • Read an interview with him at The F Breath.
  • See more of his work HERE, HERE and HERE.
  • Browse his collection of originals and prints for sale at Saatchi Art.
  • Check out home goods and personal accessories imprinted with his designs at Society 6.
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