Allegra Hicks + Naples = Explosion of Boho Chic Home Decor to Rival Vesuvius

Vesuvius isn’t all that’s percolating in the Bay of Naples since long-time Londoner Allegra Hicks took up residence, bringing her signature brand of bohemian chic décor to the apartment home she shares with new husband Roberto Mottola di Amato.

Let’s take a look… @bohosusan

The living room is a vibrant mix of periods and pattern, many from Hicks’ signature line. @bohosusan

Mandala artwork is by Julia Condon. @bohosusan

I love the bamboo canopy that shades the terrace and the potted trees that provide privacy. But what I’m REALLY lusting after are those gorgeous terracotta pots!! Take it from this master gardener and decorating addict: Nobody makes terracotta pots like the Italians. @bohosusan

Breakfast here just has to taste better, right? @bohosusan

I love the monochromatic restfulness of the master suite, as well as the pattern mix, which keeps it from looking static. And that’s the Bay of Naples with Mount Vesuvius in the background depicted on the custom-made wallcovering. A nice local touch! @bohosusan

Map decor is definitely “in,” and this map curtain, designed by Hicks, hangs behind a 1960s desk in the adjoining sitting room. I love the pairing of the straight-lined midcentury modern desk with the curvy chair in the style of a much earlier period. @bohosusan

The sitting room also features a stimulating mix of pattern and period, with a bit of Morocco thrown in for good measure. @bohosusan

The lamp is 1780s and admittedly gorgeous, but my eye is on the figurine with the branch of coral growing out of her head. LOVE that!

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Get the full scoop on Hicks’ return to her native Italy in “Allegra Hicks Takes Her Bohemian Chic to Naples” by Marella Carracciolo Chia, and see the full photo tour of her apartment at Architectural Digest. And for more boho home decor inspiration, follow my blog with Bloglovin or get to-your-inbox updates through one of the amazing to-your-inbox services available in the sidebar.

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