A Dozen Ways to Make Cozy on NYE

I admit to being a homebody, ESPECIALLY on New Year’s Eve. The one year Chris and I did go to out to a party we dodged a drunk driver on a snowy road the last leg of our sober journey home.

This New Year’s Eve I’m still recovering from flu and a raging asthma aftermath, so a toast won’t mix well with my meds. I probably couldn’t keep my eyes open long enough to see the ball drop anyway, thanks to all the sleep lost these past few weeks. All that aside, there’s still a lot to be said for staying in, whether you’re alone or your sweetie’s there to snuggle with.

Here are a few ideas in design-speak.

1. Break out the chunky knits.

Via Daily Dream Decor

I can hardly ever wait for winter to break my comfy, warm sweaters out of mothballs. Sweaters for my bed, pillows and side table sound even snugglier!

2. Put a log (or 2 or 3) on the fire.

House Beautiful via Home & Garden

Nothing says cozy like wood smoke and crackling embers. See/read more about this English country house in Cornwall at House Beautiful.

3. If you don’t have a fireplace,
use your imagination.

Via Keltainen Talo Rannalla

I absolutely adore this makeshift fireplace constructed of odd doors, drawers and architectural moldings. And the “fire” made of string lights under glass domes is ingenious!

4. Curl up with a good book…

Via Desire to Inspire

Lots to choose from in this library, and if you get sleepy, that big ol’ pillow will sing you a soft lullaby. See/read more about this century-old Barcelona loft redesigned by the Rio de Janeiro architectural firm of Studio RO+CA at Desire to Inspire.

5. Or revisit the year past through the pages of your favorite magazines.

Via Habitually Chic

Design magazines, of course. If this is a day bed, I don’t want to move to the night one. I would probably eschew the magazines and just stroke the velvet upholstery all evening. See/read more about this Madrid apartment designed by Lorenzo Castillo at Habitually Chic.

6. Wrap up in something furry.

Via Keltainen Talo Rannalla 

Pets count, and they’ll be sure to climb on if you’re already covered in something soft they can sniff and groom. See more photos of this English country home at Keltainen Talo Rannalla.

7. Brew a pot of your favorite tea.

Barbara Groen

Constant Comment for Chris and Chocolate Mate for me. Honey for my honey, cream and sugar for me. See/read more about this 1895 renovated farmhouse in the Netherlands on vtwonen or via Daily Dream Décor.

8. Take in a view.

Ballard Designs

Stare out to sea if you’re lucky enough to have that kind of view, or just watch the sunset followed by a panoply of stars. Invite a friend or two to share it, if you’re so inclined.

9. Make your own playground.

Via Lushome

Then set your own ground rules, and follow with your own kind of play. For some reason, this furniture arrangement reminds me of those tents we all built with our besties out of blankets strung over chairs and boxes.

10. Light some candles.

Slettvoll via Planete Deco

And simply relax into the darkness and quiet. Allow yourself to be hypnotized by the shadows the flickering lights cast on the walls. See more photos of this home at Planete Deco/A Homes World.

11. Enjoy a good soak.

Laura Resen 

Steaming hot water, bubbles, lavender bath oil, and a good read, followed by layers of warm, fluffy towels, clean sheets and piles of blankets…aahhhh…

See/read more about the Michelle Workman redesign of actress/singer Jennifer Lopez’s Hidden Hills home at Hooked on Houses. If you think you can’t live without this tub room, the 17,000-square-foot property is on the market for $17 million.

12. Rock yourself to sleep.

Erica George Dines 

No hanging bed? Just wrap your arms around yourself and pretend or spoon against your sweetie. See/read more about Atlanta builder Michael Ladisic’s dream home here.

Whatever you choose,
you will wake up to a brand new year!

May 2016 be all you hope for.

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