A Boho Guide to Letting Purple Take Over Your Home Gradually

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.”

The Color Purple by Alice Walker 


Purple is downright hard to miss. And whatever gods there be, their anger is justified when we do. That said, purple is, so far, the sleeper trend this year. But the year is young. Expect to see more of it. A lot more. Even in non-boho homes!

In between Rose Quartz and Serenity, right where the two anointed shades of 2016 mix and mingle, purple lurks in all its lush, royal and splendiferous shades. More than a few designers have predicted its popularity beyond its usual realm of adolescent girls. But if a professional designer isn’t in your budget, the trick to decorating with purple is to start small and build up your courage—and appetite—for more.

So pause for a few minutes to breathe in these spaces adorned in varying values, shades and hues of purple. Why? Because purple represents what’s lush, royal and splendiferous in you. There’s no better color to surround yourself with at home.

First, bolster your confidence

One Kings Lane

What better beginning purple to try than a flower arrangement? See how wonderfully the purple in the flowers plays against its yellow complements, both in other flowers and in pops of gold and yellow throughout the room. The purple flowers also act as a bridge between the soft pinks and various blues. (Remember, reds + blues = purple.)

Via Desire to Inspire

Throw pillows are an inexpensive way to try out any color. In this room, I don’t see any other purple except the sofa pillows. And yet they work, again because of the soft pinks and blues. Their unexpected intensity also directs the eye toward the painting above the sofa—an effective way to highlight art without overpowering it. Follow the link to see more spaces designed by Flora Soames.


Here’s an unusual technique for “trying on” purple: Hang a beautiful purple dress as if it were artwork. This room is full of silvers and grays, which usually contain some purple that only shows up if something else, like this dress, gives them a nudge. Follow the link to see more spaces designed by Jaimie Belew.


Jenny Blanc

Artwork, lamps, vases, and candles are more ways to try out purple. Create a vignette, like in this photo, perhaps in a neutral room, a hallway, or a foyer. Follow the link to see more spaces designed by Jenny Blanc.

Don’t be a wallflower

Via Style Estate

If the purple accessories are a go, move your game up a notch and try purple paint. Experiment with it as a block to accentuate art, as shown above, or as a full accent wall. Paint is inexpensive and relatively easy to change if you don’t like the result or if you tire of it.

Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn via Coastal Living

You’ve heard of hait blue ceilings, right? Try one in purple instead. It’s like having a sunset overhead day and night. And how ’bout that purple coffee table?

Via Style Estate

Then when you’ve sucked up a little more courage, envelope a room or two in purple. Dark, moody rooms are all the rage right now. Just make sure the room also gets a lot of natural light.

I like the mix of purple with blues here. It has a real midnight feel to it, as if I could look up at the ceiling and see stars peeking out.

Then, if you’re sure…

Via Dishfunctional Designs

Go for that gorgeous deep purple sofa. Has velvet ever found a more hospitable color match? Upholstery is a big commitment, so give this one some thought. Still I’ve never seen a purple sofa I didn’t just love. Every time they make me gasp in wonder.

Via Living Room A

This purple sofa shouts “Bodacious”–the adjective AND the color, which is a new purple in Pantone’s Fashion Color Report for Fall 2016. I hear it plays nice with pink, and we can see it looks great with zebra, too. Will it return as 2017’s color of the year?

Via Digs Digs

Or mix it up with a print so you can change out accents later on for a new look. Think how differently this sofa would look in an all-white room or with mostly mustard. Or MORE purple, for that matter.

Via Blue Dreams Revisited

Speaking of mustard, because it’s in the yellow family it’s always stunning with purple. (Interestingly, “Spicy Mustard” also showed up in Pantone’s Fashion Color Report for fall.) But changing out wall-to-wall carpet is an expensive proposition, so think twice before you jump off that cliff hand-in-hand with deep purple. And be forewarned: Some darker carpets are difficult to maintain because they show every single piece of lint. I put burgundy carpet in a master bedroom once, and it was gorgeous—for about five minutes immediately after I vacuumed. Never again.

Go all out

Via Ari Signes Designs

Purple paint, purple sofa, purple-printed draperies, and purple flowers combine with blue, white, pink, gray and a smidge of yellow to make this space fun but amazingly tranquil. I ADORE the hombre wall treatment!

Via Living Room A
The purples in this living room lean toward the mauve end, but how pretty to look through the white frame of the doorway into a hall painted purple. I also like the purple wainscoting and wonder if there’s more of it in parts of the room we can’t see.
Via Living Room A

This is, of course, the ultimate purple-lover’s space. The carpet is lavender, so shouldn’t show lint so much. Plus, it’s feminine and sophisticated paired with silver, black and the smallest touch of rose. Perfect for a boudoir!

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