7 Stylish Home Offices to Make Your Inner Work Horse Prance and Whinny!

Chris Cobb

I put my heart and my soul into my work,
and have lost my mind in the process.

Vincent Van Gogh


This is a serious quote by a serious artist whose work I love and whose struggle I admire. And it’s literally true, to boot.

So how come I can’t stop laughing?

It’s been a rough couple of weeks, and per usual, I brought it on myself. After decades of writing what other people assigned, I’m careful nowadays to choose topics I feel passionate about. This week’s posts included three in a row I felt so passionate about I couldn’t let go until I tied on all the bells and whistles, honked the horns and staged a parade.

That this happened Labor Day week of all times is part of what’s fueling my funnybone. While the rest of you took a day off work to relax, I pounded away on my laptop, adding one more flourish.

By choice.

And long days aside, I must say, it was GLORIOUS. I love every minute of what I’m doing, whether anyone reads it or not.

That said, I thought a tribute to the home office (one gorgeous photo for every day of my seven-day work week) was in order because my home office is a wreck.

Oh well, at least I still have both my ears, and my sense of humor.

1. Come into my lair, said the spider to the fly

Young House Love

No, this is not my office, though I’d be happy here. I love the serenity of its minimalist-inspired design and the whimsy of the blue ceiling, but I would change one thing. I know feng shui says no backs to doors, but if this were my workspace I’d move the chair to the opposite side of the desk so I could look out those glorious windows. I’d gather so much inspiration it wouldn’t matter what happened behind my back. See more photos from this Richmond, VA, showhouse at Young House Love.

2. Color a-go-go goes my way

Found on Better Decorating Bible

The magenta area rug has “Susan” written all over it. So much to love here in addition to the magenta/aqua/coral color theme, which I ADORE:

  • Desk facing the window
  • Fresh flowers (the person who works here obviously doesn’t own a cat)
  • Bookshelves accessible to desk
  • Printer within arm’s reach but neatly stowed on bookshelves
  • Lots of reflective surfaces–picture frames, credenza, gold accents on furniture
  • Extra chairs so your significant other can join you for coffee

3. Meet you for wheelies
in the parking lot after work?

Found on Tumblr
Everything about this space shouts FUN, including the furniture on casters. I see easy rearranging as well as wheelie tournaments on that slick floor. Just seeing all those wheels, spinning or not, gets my brain cells hopping. I’m mad about the:
  • Color. So many shades of green, and seeing them all together makes the room feel like a spring day, particularly with the pops of turquoise and magenta.
  • Retro kitchen chairs as desk chairs. Two, set up for collaboration.
  • Fun factor. The bulletin board collage, the arrangement beneath it, the mask on the window, the man on the window sash.
  • Hyacinths. Breathe in–ahhhh! Intoxicating.

4. Nobody puts Baby in a corner, but…

Found on The Decorista
…Having Marilyn Monroe for company would be a decent trade-off. The mirrored desk and lamp, together with the massive chrome candeholders and the chrome trim on the chair brighten the space and make it register larger. The black in the art, chair, drawer pulls, floor and books gives the space a formal edge. I’m guessing this corner doesn’t get used full-time, so I’d like to rent it for an hour, along with someone to massage my head, neck and shoulders.

5. Take a trip without leaving home

Foto © Flickr

Where do you like to travel? Where would you like to go but can’t? What do you find beautiful? Include them all in a home workspace and increase your productivity and peace of mind a hundredfold. My favorite part of this space? The lovely coffee cup and saucer. I just KNOW there must be bird feeders hung outside that window. Here’s to beauty every single moment of every single day!

6. ‘Take my hand–I’m a stranger in paradise’

Meredith Corporation

“All lost in a wonderland, a stranger in paradise.” That song from the musical Kismet mesmerized me the first time I heard it at age 12. And I’m more than a little bit like the poet character, selling his verse to feed himself. To write that verse, whether it rhymes or not, whether it’s read or not, from such an empowering desk with such an inspirational view is a dream come true. Notice that everything in the room points toward that view, including the herringbone pattern of the floor planks.

7. This puts the ohm in home office

Found on My Little Itch

“My work is done.” That’s what this straightforward, elegant space says to me. The painting is the star, of course, and seems to capture what passion is all about: molten hot, barely contained, expertly channeled.

Lest we forget the gift of doing work we love…

Joy 105 Digital Magazine

This post is in memory of those who went dutifully to work 14 years ago today and never returned home. You never leave our thoughts. The loved ones you left behind never leave our prayers.

New York Daily News
And so, finally, my work is done. For this week anyway.
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And remember, in the words of Maya Angelou, “Nothing will work unless you do.”

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