5 Living Rooms Trip the Fall Fantastic

 Fall begins Wednesday, Sept. 23, at 4:22 a.m. where I live–that’s tomorrow!–which makes BoHo Home all over helping you tweak your home in anticipation. Posts will feature fall the rest of this week:

  • Today: Fantastic fall-toned living rooms
  • Wednesday: Decorate with Downton Abbey’s “fall-en” lady, Edith, and her fall-toned wardrobe
  • Thursday: Awesome autumn-hued bedrooms
  • Friday: Fabulous fall finds, food and fun
I also promise to be short on words for a change. I am so in love with ALL the rooms in these photos I just want to sit and breathe them in. I think you’ll agree.

1. Animal, vegetable, mineral

I’ll let you figure out for yourself all the instances in this room of the elements in the heading, but I myself am totally got by the artwork and how those two sofa pillows play it up it. Mr. Pooch is cute, too.

2. Sari summer, I’m olive green with fall envy

Love-love-love the sari-loom-culled upholstery on the matching chairs, as well as the shape of that cute sofa. The shorebird art echoes the pillow patterns; or is it the other way around? And the gold-painted accents inside and out on those built-in shelves say all the trees are turning.

3. Mountainside at peak color

UK Daily Mail/Mail Online
Do I detect a trend? Here we have MORE pillows that do a terrific job of accenting artwork–this time a painting by Geoff Keen. The pouf reminds me of a pumpkin and echoes the shape of Finnish designer Eero Aarnio‘s table. I love the table’s gently leaning pedestal; sort of makes you want to lean into fall, right? See more photos of this home here.

4. Autumn evenings by a bonfire

House & Home
I can almost smell the woodsmoke and a big iron pot full of ham and beans steaming over the fire. There are so many great fall tones going on in this room that it’s hard to pick a favorite, so I’ll go for the deep blue on the walls and sofa. Not typically fall colors, but here they remind me of the smokin’ fall night referenced in the heading. And that cute cinnabar ginger jar in the foreground says apple to me. Ladle me up some warm cider, please.

5. Turmeric turns up the heat

Dot & Bo

Turmeric has a slightly bitter, peppery flavor that instantly warms any dish, as its color does this neutral room. It’s a little bit spicy and exotic (like BoHo), and is supposed to be a “hot” color this fall. I know I could fall for it whether it’s called cumin, curry, mustard, goldenrod or even plain old ochre. Dynamic!

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