5 Bombastic Styles of Boho Bedrooms, Plus Links to the Full-House Tours

The spring and summer issues and online content from my favorite design magazines know no bounds when it comes to boho home tours. But it’s the bedrooms that have me crushing.

Each of the five I’ll share with you today is a very different variety of boho, but all get their charm from an eclectic combination of furnishings that reveal their owners’ stories in lush layers.

1. Adirondack Camp Boho

bohohome.com @bohosusan
James Merrell photo

Interior designer Anthony Baratta, inspired by a butterfly wallpaper he used in the 1990s, commissioned decorative painter David Cohn to re-envision it on the walls of this master bedroom in the winter house of a wildlife photographer’s Adirondacks compound. Cohn also painted the scenic panels on the birch and hickory bed.

What makes it boho? The campy mix of whimsy, of course: a funky bed, the mix of textiles (with a bit of Scandinavian thrown in), the shabby chic lighting, the cottage bedside table, the ship-lapped ceiling.

For the full tour: This home appeared in the July/August 2017 issue of House Beautiful. Grab a copy off the newsstand, or point your browser HERE.

2. Beach Boho

bohohome.com @bohosusan
Alexandra Rowley photo / HGTV Magazine

The beach house designer Michelle Curtis decorated for her family only looks like it’s in California. Actually, it’s near that other coast, in Westport, CT, to be exact. Curtis designed the fireplace in this room specifically to look like a sunset over the ocean.

What makes it boho? The mix of rustic in the fireplace and bed, global influences in the bedding and rug, and ties to nature in the wood side table and agate-slice wallcovering. There’s also a California vibe going on in the Hollywood regency stools and the beachball patterning in the accent pillows. To make a long story short, it’s the mix, man!

For the full tour: Pick up a copy of the July/August 2017 issue of HGTV Magazine to see the rest of this cooler-than-cool space, or check it out online HERE. I’m not usually much for looking at children’s bedrooms, but the ones in this house are just about the neatest I’ve ever seen. You won’t want to miss them!

3. Greenwich Village Boho

bohohome.com @bohosusan
Peter Murdoch photo

At first glimpse you might miss the bedroom and fixate on that to-die-for Danish modern credenza in the adjoining living room. But don’t do it or you’ll miss the knockout sleeping space in this 600-square-foot apartment in New York’s Greenwich Village.

bohohome.com @bohosusan
Peter Murdoch photo

Designer Joshua Greene decorated his massive-for-Manhattan bedroom by first covering the brick wall behind the headboard with a geometric hand-painted wallpaper. It all makes a dynamic backdrop for his art collection.

What makes it boho? Ethnic textiles and quirky finds mixed with classic furniture and modern art. BTW, that’s a vintage flag that Greene found in Kyoto at the foot of the bed

For the full tour: Check out all of Greene’s bachelor pad in the June 2017 issue of House Beautiful. If it’s no longer available in your area, try HERE. And don’t miss additional photos posted HERE.

4. Exotic Lands Boho

bohohome.com @bohosusan
Tria Giovan photo

This over-the-top master bedroom is from the storied Woody House on the easternmost tip of Long Island, NY. Architect Peter Marino helped the owners reconceive the home, and it’s his custom fabrics that dress the bed, except for the coverlet, which the owners purchased in Mumbai.

I’m crushing over those lavender midcentury lamps myself, which look smashing with all that red.

bohohome.com @bohosusan
Tria Giovan photo

Being in the room, with its whirling mix of pattern, is almost like being inside a kaleidoscope. In fact, I think I could live 24 hours a day in just this one room, spinning and spinning until I passed out dizzy on that chaise.

What makes it boho? Pattern, pattern and more pattern. Pattern everywhere! Did I say pattern? Also the ethnic textiles in the mix.

For the full tour: This bedroom appeared in the July 2017 issue of Architectural Digest. Continue your tour HERE.

5. French Connection Boho

bohohome.com @bohosusan
Shade Degges photo

This California home may be an eclectic modern mix elsewhere, but the daughter’s bedroom is a Francophile’s died-and-gone-to-heaven haven.

bohohome.com @bohosusan
Shade Degges photo
 Expert textile-mixing is the word of the day, with traditionally French patterns used alongside contemporary styles by Peter Dunham. I’d have no trouble curling up right there in that window with a good book and not moving for days, wouldn’t you?
bohohome.com @bohosusan
Shade Degges photo

A 1950s Italian chair makes for a studied contrast alongside a traditional mirror and elaborate marble fireplace.

What makes it boho? The mix of textiles, pattern, and furniture periods; in short, layers.

For the full tour: You won’t find this bedroom in any recent design magazine, but you can find it online as part of Architectural Digest’s web exclusive content.

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