YAAAS!! Dry All My Tears With These Midcentury Modern Print Towels

It’s no secret my favorite home decor style is a mash-up I call midcentury modern boho chic. And sometimes it’s a little tough finding ways to bring that retro vibe into the bathroom (even if the home you live in, like mine, was built during the latter part of that era).

But no more, thanks to a new (to me anyway) collection of printed towels in The Company Store’s spring 2019 collection catalog. The collection includes the Diamond Edge, Diamonds, and Wave Lengths towels pictured above in either an orange or a blue colorway.

The Company Store

I’m all over the ORANGE, of course. Especially since I just covered up that blue-green paint in my master bath with a wheat color.

The adjoining master bedroom already has pops of orange in a midcentury modern wave print on the window treatment and pillow shams, as well as in other accessories. So these towels would help pull that retro look into the bath.

The Company Store

I confess “Wave Lengths” is my hands-down favorite (in orange, of course), but it’s neutral is light and dark gray, rather than the brown/beige link I need.

The Company Store

Less worrisome but still an issue is the band of purple running through it–not a color found anywhere else in my bathroom, though I do love purple.

The Company Store

Next favorite is Diamonds (again, in orange). The brown/beige is in there and the purple is not.

The Company Store

All of which means I could mix the bath and hand towels with my existing washcloths (since these collections have coordinating solid washcloths but not matching printed ones).

But Diamonds doesn’t hold QUITE the mid-mod-mad allure of Wave Lengths, at least not for me. See what I mean?

Either way I’d have to change out the two throw rugs in the bathroom and some of the art–not something I was planning to do for a while.

But wouldn’t those handtowels look boss hanging here? I imagine just perching on my bed and admiring them throughout the day, whenever I need a little color/pattern boost.

That is, if I could afford them right now, which I can’t, even though they’re on sale.

And my existing towels aren’t that old, so I can’t use the excuse I NEED them either.

And it’s just after Christmas and the budget is tight.

The Company Store

In truth, at $17 for handtowels and $28 for bath towels (regular $20 and $34) they’re more than I like to pay regardless. But I can dream, can’t I?

The Company Store


If your budget has more flex in it…

Check out this latest crush of mine at The Company Store. Sale prices and free shipping are in effect through Jan. 31, 2019. And if you buy, please don’t tell me. I think I’d simply die of mid-mod-madness-induced envy.

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