Vive la New Look!

You might notice a few things have changed around here, particularly BoHo Home‘s boho home. I switched blogging platforms from Google Blogger (they should call it Slogger) to WordPress and moved my hosting server to a new provider. Seemed only right to make a few cosmetic changes in the process. @bohosusan

The nameplate photo is new–don’t you love that cute little boy’s striped bum and socks riding that boho sofa’s back? Did a photo ever say “boho home” like this one?

And don’t miss the mandala next to the blog name either. You’ll see both if you visit my Etsy and ebay stores (dig the sidebar links!), and on my enclosure cards (at left) if you order from either store.

A new look, but all the great boho back content is intact, and you can expect much more where that came from, as well as a more dynamic reader comment environment. Ahem…That will require your participation and effort, of course, so get those eyes reading and those fingers tapping on your favorite keyboard interface!

Converting back content is what took so much time, and you may see some formatting issues as you read. But I’ve cleaned up the worst of it, and everything is available again through revised catgories and tags, archives, other sidebar links, or search.

Not all the bells and whistles are clanging and tweeting here yet, but trust that I’m continuing to work on it. So check back often to see what I’ve added. EVENTUALLY you’ll be rewarded with a new and consistent post schedule! In the meantime, thanks for your patience and for your loyalty.

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