‘Lucy Loves Color’ Inspires Boho Home

Minneapolis-based designer Lucy Penfield uses #lucylovescolor to catalog her travels and color inspirations she finds along the way. So when it came to crafting her own forever-home, she had a readymade electronic bag of tricks to pull from.

Can you find inspiration for the drop-dead-gorgeous kitchen pictured above in some of these snapshots?

The colors represented in the terracotta wall and peacock-blue gate found in Sedona, Arizona, as well as the beads and baskets discovered in Mexico, show up throughout the home. Penfield also enjoys hiking in Superior National Forest, so it’s only natural Lake Superior’s black stone beaches and dry grasses emerged as her base palette.

Couple those color inspirations with her love of Cape Dutch-style architecture, noted for whitewashed walls and symmetrical arched gables, which she discovered while visiting South Africa’s wine country. In her words, it creates “a quiet backdrop that sets the scene for the fun.”

Let’s see how it all works together…

And the fun definitely begins in the living room, where neutral furniture sets the stage. “It’s like desert sand that lets the cactus blooms pop,” Penfield says. I love its clean, modern lines paired with ethnic textiles.

On to the dining room, where more metaphorical “cactus blooms” await. I love how the stems in the centerpiece vase seem to be reaching up to touch that cool chandelier. The mix of chair styles is fun, too, and the draperies are made of bedspreads from India.

That kitchen is so spectacular it bears picturing twice! What I wouldn’t give for sleek, modern cabinets EXACTLY like these. I love the look of the cut-out handles, but I would probably choose stainless steel for practicality. If I ever GOT these cabinets, I wouldn’t want to be marring the wood with my hands.

I also really love those sculptures on the top open shelf. So cool! I wonder if they’re vases?

Note the nod to the exterior gables in both the kitchen banquette wall cutout and the shape of the mudroom cabinets.

The mudroom connects to the laundry where even one of Penfield’s poochies gets an ethnic rug for its bedcover. How lucky can one dog be? I also love how real plants repeat the leaf motif in the wallpaper.

If I were staying in this guest room, Penfield would have a tough time getting me to leave. I love how the bright ethnic fabrics used along with the dark walls pop against the white furniture, bedding and curtains.

More Dutch gables surround soaking tub alcove in the master bath. The wallpaper in the alcove is made from banana leaves and is water-resistant.

If you want more…

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