LOGO Lori’s Solid Gold(stein) Boho Home

One look into my closet will tell you just how much I love Lori Goldstein, though I have to admit her look and her clothes had to grow on me. My own opinion is she’s the up-and-coming Iris Apfel, and her growing popularity (with me anyway) likely has something to do with us being the same age.

She pushes the boundaries of color, style and age, both in fashion and home interiors. From her work as a stylist for such brands as Prada and Versace, to her very own fashion line on QVC, she’s a force to be reckoned with. And all I can say is, Just. You. Wait.

If you don’t believe me…

Join me on a tour of her 14K TriBeCa home

Joe D’Urso photo

That’s 14 karat, as in GOLD (as in Goldstein); the apartment was more like $9 million. And I’m thinking the painting by Michael Corrine West that hangs in the entryway of her 30 Park Place digs in New York’s TriBeCa neighborhood just might be inspiration for some of her fabulous printed tops and cardis.

And that rose gold (literal and figurative) coat tree is simply to die for (figuratively). See if you can spot its echo elsewhere in the home.

Architect/designer Joe D’Urso oversaw the transformation, and he captured Lori’s raucous LOGO spirit down to the last detail–just like the seaming, chiffon and mother-of-pearl buttons finish her clothes. If you follow her brand, you’ll be hoping to see some clothing and jewelry based on some of the beauteous funky details D’Urso brought to her home.

Well a gal can dream, can’t she? SURE, says Lori.

Joe D’Urso photo

Start with this Memphis-style floor lamp in the dining area, framing our view of that cooler-than-wow living room. It seems to be both looking at us AND telling us to look ourselves and not miss a single, solitary thing.

Joe D’Urso photo

There’s a yoga room, too. When interviewer and pal Isaac Mizrahi mentioned that, uh, there’s so much stuff in the yoga room there’s no real room for yoga, Lori replied, “You do it by putting your legs up on the wall.”

Me? I’d be plopping onto that vintage divan for some sit-ups, light weight-lifting, and heavy reading, but not before I noted the carry-over from the tree coat-tree. If you didn’t catch it, it’s the barky twigs pattern in the draperies. So texturey! It would make a great cardi, don’t you think?

Joe D’Urso photo

Back a hallway toward the bedroom is a divine desk and mirror stop, though I can’t imagine getting much work done here besides checking my lipstick–too much else to look at, so let’s move on through…

Joe D’Urso photo

The master bedroom sports more twigs-patterned drapery and a mix of outdoorsy textures–animal print, fur, velvet and more. When Isaac asked her about the mantra for the success of her clothing line, it’s no surprise she replied, “I like texture.”

Joe D’Urso photo

“And comfort is so essential,” she quickly added. “I can’t imagine having a couch that does not feel amazing to lie on.” Or a divan that feels the same, alongside your bed. (The dining table and chair in the top photo are also in the master bedroom, proving one can really live in one’s bedroom.)

I’m loving the magenta print upholstering that divan and the way those Benjamin Moore Galveston Gray walls cozy up to it.

“People are too afraid of color,” Lori adds. “They play it safe at home and in what they wear. You know: Keep it beige, keep it neutral. I like surprises. More is more. It just is.”

Yes. Oh yes it is. Myohmyohmy, yesyesyesyesyes!!!

If you also want MORE, a la Lori Goldstein…

Joe D’Urso photo
  • Read the full Lori Goldstein conversation with Isaac Mizrahi, fellow stylist, designer and QVC entrepreneur (he has his own fashion line) in the September 2018 Elle Decor. Or pick up a hard copy at your newstand while it’s still available.
  • The photo above gives you a sneak-peek of Lori’s dream closet, but you’ll want the full tour, also featured in the September ED. Read Ingrid Abramovitch’s accompanying text to find out how it came to be. If the photo isn’t enough of a teaser, there’s this from Isaac: “Lori has four handbags for every day she’s been alive on earth,” so you’ll want to see all the down and dirty details.
  • Check out all things Lori Goldstein on her website.
  • Tour a previous Goldstein abode in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC.
  • Shop Lori Goldstein’s LOGO clothing line on QVC. As a sidenote, Lori wears what she designs. “All of my tanks and layering pieces are LOGO,” she says. “I get them in every color.” Yup, me too. Guilty as charged.
  • Read more about architect/designer Joe D’Urso, who helped her spin this lavish web.
  • Browse and perhaps purchase Lori’s book, Style Is Instinct, by clicking on one of the affiliate links below–hard-copy and Kindle version, respectively: