Inauguration Fashions Runway to Room

I haven’t done a runway-to-rooms feature in a long time and thought it would be a way to counter the violence of Jan. 6 and celebrate the transfer of power. Thankfully, the 2021 inauguration of President Joseph Biden was full of fashion statements, with the arguably MOST spectacular being Lady Gaga in her Schiaparelli gown. I adored the contrast of the fitted navy blue bodice with the billowing red skirt.

And that statement brooch, which on Inauguration Day I thought was an eagle, was, instead a dove. The dove of peace. How on point!

But would we go ga-ga over it as a room?

Probably yes, if it’s a Miles Redd interior, complete with the designer himself. I think he gives Lady Gaga a run for her money in the flamboyance department.

Side-by-side, what do you think? Note that the pillow behind Redd’s tea tray even has a dove of peace on it! Are we sure he didn’t collaborate with the house of Schiaparelli?

Coming and going she sure reminded me of Lady Liberty.

No more biding time for Jill Biden

The new first lady knocked it out of the ballpark in both of her Inauguration Day outfits.

By day, First Lady Jill Biden sported a teal blue coat and dress designed by New York City based Markarian that beautifully accented her coloring. I especially loved the contrast of the slightly darker teal velvet cuffs and lapels.

Not sure we saw the First Lady without her coat that day, but it covered a matching dress, also beaded with Swavroski pearls and crystals. The designer is shown here working on the dress. She said the ensemble symbolized trust, confidence and stability.

That’s also the vibe I get in this bedroom–an elegant take on midcentury modern, complete with teal velvet accents. Here’s the side-by-side:

Trust, confidence and stability, no doubt. But, with the donning of her evening concert ensemble, add to that HEART:

Dr. Biden’s ivory silk dress was embroidered with flowers from every U. S. state and territory, and the Gabriela Hearst matching coat followed suit. Word has it that the flower representing Delaware was sewn across her heart.

Beautiful symbols for a beautiful, sincere and intelligent First Lady! But how does the outfit translate from runway to room?

Granted, this is not the most literal of my pairings, which is why I’m showing the side-by-side first. Obviously, Dr. Biden’s outfit lacks the intense color punch of the sofa and area rug combined.

But the walls and ceiling in this room are what did it for me. The room itself is embroidered and layered with softness, loveliness and meaning–just like the First Lady herself. This room is that dress and coat for me.

On to Mamala Kamala

What’s not to love in Vice-President Kamala Harris’ matching dress and coat? Christopher John Rogers of Baton Rouge designed the dress and Sergio Hudson of South Carolina designed the coordinating coat. The press described the outfit as purple, but it looked periwinkle blue to me. Whatever it was, she rocked it. And I chose this picture of it swaying as she walked from the Capitol to the White Hosue because the outfit moved so beautifully.

For some reason, I saw Madame VP in this outfit as this stunning periwinkle blue (or purple or whatever) dining room–a feast for the eyes as well as the mind (note the bookshelves). The sunflowers–my favorite bouquet flower–probably had something to do with it, too! It’s one smart, classy dining room, its table set for breakfast, ready to start off our day in a positive way, just as our new leaders are starting their terms.

Then there’s Mama Obama

We all wait with baited breath to see former First Lady Michelle Obama stride back into our lives, and her 2021 Inauguration outfit did not disappoint. Her plum (I saw burgundy) coat, sweater, pants and belt were all designed by Sergio Hudson and flowed with the same beauty as the flags on the National Mall.

I think she’d be right at home in this sitting room.


My heart, though, is STILL with HER

I still think Hillary Clinton would have made a fine President of the United States. But there’s no use debating the point. Her time has come and gone. I included her here as one of the past First Ladies who attended and still rocks a mean fashion sense. But she deserves inclusion for the trail she blazed. As much as you can tell, she looks happy. She certainly looks sharp.

Purple–a combination of red and blue–was certainly the color of the day as a way to encourage unity. And Hillary’s Ralph Lauren pantsuit with its ruffly neckline also added a fun touch. Can we come close in a home interior?

I see her as this purple library: so smart and so complex and so incredibly under-valued.

Okay, the under-valued part isn’t reflected in the room. But the room, perhaps reflects Clinton’s true value, which not everyone is secure enough to embrace.

On to the fireworks

Though so many women and men looked terrific on Inauguration Day, the one I thought really stole the show was one I didn’t see in the news so much: Singer Katy Perry, who performed the closing fireworks number at the Inauguration concert event.

In contrast, her custom Thom Browne look was understated yet subtly patriotic, consisting of a cashmere coat with a dramatic train and navy buttons, structured corset, and floor-length column skirt with red buttons. Sassy classy, don’t you think?

And inviting, like this subdued hallway and staircase. It’s like an invitation. A promise of so much more to come.

A great backdrop for the firecrackers ahead.

Finally, do you know the mitten man?

That being, of course, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont) and his much-memed recycled-sweater mittens.

Here’s a closer look at those wooly bearpaws, made for him by a teacher colleague of his daughter’s. Surely, we can find a cozy cabin the Bernster and his mitts would feel at home in.

Methinks his mittens and puffer coat would be equally comfy in this chalet entryway…

…allowing the senator to always dress for the weather, as he said Vermonters are accustomed to doing.

But something bothers me about that.

If it’s true Vermonters dress for the weather, I can’t help but wonder, Where’s your hat, Bernie? Particularly with that bald head. Doesn’t he know a person loses 40 to 45 percent of his body heat through his head?

There. Now I feel much better.

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