SHOP & ROCK Friday: Happily Lost at IKEA

Shop & Rock Friday Gets Lost at IKEA - Ceramic Cacti awr

If you’ve followed along on BoHo Home for a while you’re familiar with the love/hate relationship I’ve had with IKEA. I say had, past-tense, because as of last October central Indiana got its very own IKEA, and I’m in love, love, love.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for my pocketbook), it’s on the other side of town from where I live. I don’t get there often, but I didn’t let the half-hour trip keep me from attending the pre-grand-opening event for Friends & Family members, with my daughter in tow as guest. (She was the envy of coworkers and friends, believe me!)

Shop & Rock Friday Gets Lost at IKEA - Erin's IKEA haul

I spent a little over $100 that day (about a fourth of it on HER). Erin spent more than six times that, then tried to convince her dad all the stuff (including a bedroom dresser in three boxes) piled on a flatbed cart and in a regular cart in this photo she texted him was MINE.

Ahem. Kids will be kids, even when they’re adults. If you’re just starting a family and don’t know that, prepare yourself.

Shop & Rock Friday Gets Lost at IKEA - Watering can

I keep trying to get her to find time to go back with me, but I guess she’s decided it’s too dangerous to HER pocketbook. She did go back and get me the Bittergurka watering can in gray for Christmas. I fell in love with it on our October spree but restrained myself from buying.

But I don’t know how much longer my restraint can last, especially after listening to all the IKEA-related music I found for this SHOP & ROCK FRIDAY post. You’ll find all those links in the “If you want more…” section at the end of the post. And after you check out these new-for-spring items, you absolutely, positively WILL. WANT. MORE.

Summer by any other name is still hot

Shop & Rock Friday Gets Lost at IKEA - Placemats

Top of my shopping list are four of the Sommar 2018 placemats. They’re 14.5-inch squares of polypropylene, easy-clean-up wonder, priced at under a buck apiece. And NOT available online. (I put that link in there just to tease ya’, LOL!) If those matching napkins were fabric instead of paper, they’d be on my list, too. But there’s more…

Shop & Rock Friday Gets Lost at IKEA - tablecloth

Meet the coordinating Sommar 2018 tablecloth, a steal in 100-percent cotton at $15!

Shop & Rock Friday Gets Lost at IKEA - apron

I doubt Chris would let the neighbors see him barbecuing in the Sommar 2018 apron, but at $8 it’s worth a shot (and so pretty maybe I’d volunteer for kitchen duty).

Shop & Rock Friday Gets Lost at IKEA - beach towel

I’m wishing the Sommar 2018 beach towel was a dish towel, ’cause then you’d be finding it in MY kitchen. But come to think of it, if I take over kitchen duty, a bigger towel may be in order. Or I could continue to let Chris cook and spend my free time cutting this towel down to size.

Shop & Rock Friday Gets Lost at IKEA - beach towel 2

How many dish towels can you get from 39-by-71 inches? At least four, I reckon, and at $13 for one beach towel, that would be just $3.25 per dish towel!

Ypperlig, Skadis & a translation

Love-love-love the Ypperlig birch wall shelf ($15) and metal wall mirrors ($13 to $20)–the latter in three colors, shapes and sizes, no less. I’m picturing the shelf in my dining area, where its low profile will hold pretties, protect them against falling, AND not stick out too much.

Small wonder “ypperlig” in Swedish means superb. Yes, it certainly is.

Then there’s Skadis, which references a Norse goddess. So being a bit of a goddess myself, I should have a few of these Skadis pegboard combos, too.

To organize my Etsy and ebay store mailing center over my desk, of course. At under $20 each, I could probably afford to cover a whole wall.

These new-for-spring goodies also caught my eye

Click on the photos to go to the IKEA website and learn more (though most are available in-store only).

And Maisie added THIS to my list…

Shop & Rock Friday Gets Lost at IKEA - cat scratch wrap mat

The Lurvig scratching mat–NOT a little black sister-cat, though that’s on MY wish list. I think the ol’ Mazester is picturing a mat wrapped around all four of our dining table legs. And who knows? That may be a cool look!

Shop & Rock Friday Gets Lost at IKEA - Lurvig scratch wrap mat

But me? I’m thinking of it spread out over the side of my hot pink living room chair (the one named “Ginger,” from Monday’s post, remember?). Heck, at $6 a pop I could cover all Maisie-Cat’s scratching hotspots!

Alas, there’s a reason she likes scratching Ginger so much.

Shop & Rock Friday Gets Lost at IKEA - Maisie in bag 1

It’s right near her safe spot, which is–no lie!–my IKEA Friends & Family reusable bag, which I got as a gift at the pre-opening event.

Yes, indeedy!! She took this baby over the minute I brought it home, full of goodies. She didn’t even wait for me to empty it–just nudged all the stuff aside and moved in, furry catnip mice and all.

Shop & Rock Friday Gets Lost at IKEA - Maisie in bag 2

She grooms in it, watches TV in it, acts as front-porch lookout, and poses for photos because, yes, this orange bag is now an ever-present home decor accessory in my boHO HOme. (I generally move it when I take blog photos.) Thanks, Maisie.

So the other thing that’s on my IKEA shopping list?

Shop & Rock Friday Gets Lost at IKEA - Maisie in bag 3

That would be another bag, please. This one to keep for myself and my shopping trips. But I’ll have to hide it from you-know-who.

If you want more (duh, right?)…

Shop & Rock Friday Gets Lost at IKEA - Playlist on Spotify

  • Check out the IKEA playlist on Spotify. It’s 145 tunes you might hear when you shop there, especially if you get lost like most of us do. Don’t have a Spotify account? Not to worry, follow the link to sign up for free!
  • A couple of songwriters have also written songs immortalizing certain aspects of the retail giant. Jonathan Coulton‘s IKEA is more easy-listening, while Mitch Benn’s will appeal to the metal heads among you.
  • For a laugh, watch the classic “Hey Donna” video filmed at an Australia IKEA.
  • For more laughs, there’s this video of IKEA jokes.
  • And this one is too real to laugh at, much: Things Never Said by Couples Assembling IKEA Items. Chris knows firsthand how unfunny this can be, since he’s the one who assembled EVERYTHING on that flatbed cart. His hair turned gray overnight with the Hemnes dresser, so before you ask him about it you might want to put on some body armor and earplugs.
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