Shop & Rock Friday / ‘Black is Black’

Both golden oldies and classic standards pair so well with shopping that I’ve decided to take the two out on a regular Friday date.

Shop & Rock Friday / 'Black is Black' - textiles
World Market

This spin of the turntable we’ll browse Cost Plus World Market‘s collection of NEW for spring and summer items in black, white and gray–all to the accompaniment of Los Bravos singing its one-hit wonder, “Black is Black” from 1966.

Sing along, won’t you?

Black is black
I want my baby back
It’s gray, it’s gray
Since she went away, Ooh-Ooh
What can I do
‘Cause I-I-I-I-I’m feelin’ blue

Speaking of blue, I spotted these finds a few weeks ago while researching WM’s new indigo collection for an earlier post. 

World Market

Some of it even sneaks in a little color to jazz up the chiaroscuro, and it’s ALL gorgeous.

Shop & Rock Friday / 'Black is Black' - napkins

The textiles alone have me drooling.

World Market

And many of the items work outside as well as in–even pool-side, though it will be a few more months before I can try that one out where I live.

Let’s take a closer look…

I can’t choose
It’s too much to lose
My love’s too strong
Wow! Maybe if she
Would come back to me
Then it can’t go wrong

If you want more…

  • Check out this more recent recording of “Black is Black” by Los Bravos. The guys have aged a bit, but they’ve still got it!

  • There have been other remakes of the hippie classic, with mixed results. Here’s a decent one from 1976 by Loveland, an instrumental version from 1980 by The Shadows, and a disco remake from 1977 by girl group Belle Epoque.

Okay. Disco. I’ll stop there. Maybe it’s time for the song to have the last words:

Bad is bad
That I feel so sad
It’s time, it’s time
That I found peace of mind, Ooh-Ooh
What can I do
‘Cause I-I-I-I-I’m feelin’ blue

  • A little shopping ALWAYS helps me, whether it’s black, white, gray, blue, or even DISCO. So after you’ve rocked on through what’s new at WM, please check out BoHo Home By Susan on Etsy and on ebay. Each store carries exclusive as well as crossover items. (But no disco!)


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