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Martinique Hotel via Design Sponge

A few months back when we bought my 1950s-era dressing table, I spotted a few old retro sofas at the same used furniture store and couldn’t help but admire the lines.

They reminded me of the sofa in my parents’ house when I was a kid and one in my uncle’s house (his is still there, I think, in use) because they had the same nubby nylon upholstery. With different fabric their space age, atomic silhouettes would look like the furniture in The Jetsons cartoon! And they’d look pretty darn good in my current living room, too.

The ones I saw were definitely late-1950s/early 1960s, and recently I’ve noticed similar sofas in magazines and blogs I read. Some have been reupholstered, but some seem to be sporting their original duds, and the look is not all bad. For instance, I love the blush pink shade of the retro sofa above, particularly against that jungle of wallpaper leaves.

The painting stands its ground against the busy wallpaper and serves as a perfect accent to the room, with its deeper rose tones and the turquoise droplets that look as if they could have colored the pillow beneath. Subtle touches like that always appeal to the quirkier side of my nature. @bohosusan
Via Mille Mètres Carrés
Here’s another gem, and I say that because of the gemstone color palette—sapphire, blue topaz, orange citrine, and peridot green—refracting all the glittering charm of the mid- to late-1960s.
My teenage bedroom was lime green and royal blue, so this look appealed to me instantly. @bohosusan
Via Home Decor

This one looks as if it started out as little-old-lady-retires-to-Florida then spends her retirement savings at the casinos and on boy-toys. This go-round the leaves are on the sofa, and the wallpaper is a blurred, painterly echo of it.

I ADORE the burst chandelier with its green bulbs, as well as the buggy area rug that matches the mauve of the walls above the dado line. @bohosusan
Via Home & Garden

Nothing says late-1960s and early-1970s more than antique gold unless it’s antique gold crushed velvet, right? I love how this classic sectional has been split up and mixed with vintage folding stadium chairs. What a cool loft space! @bohosusan
Esteban Cortez photo / Apartment Therapy

From a style point of view this sofa looks 1950s, but the orange upholstery makes me guess 1960s. Maybe early 1960s?

I love the kidney-shaped coffee tables clustered with the upholstered stool. And that Danish-inspired armchair is to die-for. It reminds me of the chairs that went with my parents’ first formal dining room set—solid walnut, Danish modern. I think they may even have been upholstered in that same tweedy, rust-colored fabric.

My parents bought that set when I was 10—so 1966—and my mother was So. Very. Proud of it. Me? I was too clueless to know how really cool it was. They replaced it in the early 1990s and sold the matching china cabinet when they moved to assisted living around 2007.

Wish I had the whole set now. Damn! @bohosusan
Via Keltainen Talo Rannalla

Here are two views of the same retro room, though this sofa and chair may hail back to the late 1940s, with original upholstery. It’s still cool, though, spiffed up with those pink and orange cushions. @bohosusan
Via Keltainen Talo Rannalla

I’m trying to imagine (but not picture) what not one but TWO sets of rings anchored in the ceiling might be for. Any guesses? @bohosusan
Sandra Rojo photo / AD

What caught my eye in this kitchen was the fringy lampshade on the hanging light; 1930s? The pink tile reminds me of the stuff still in my guest bathroom from the 1980s, but somehow it looks better here, mixed with the black cabinets, copper vent hood and dark marble countertop. @bohosusan
Montse Garriga photo / AD

French provincial reproductions were big in the early 1970s and mixed easily with modern then as now. Though the two chairs that share an ottoman here look like the real deal, not repros.

What I have my eye on in this photo, though, is that incredible Danish modern room divider positioned behind the sofa. Wow. Just WOW. Did I say it’s WOW? It’s really, really WOW. @bohosusan

I’m also drooling over this 1960s-era Malm fireplace. What I wouldn’t do for one of those in my condo, but have you priced them? The low end (for ones that need complete restoration) is $400, if you’re close enough to pick it up because shipping will easily exceed the price.

You can also buy modern-manufactured reproductions starting at around $1,500. Not in my budget either way, but always in my dreams. And always burnt orange. Seems appropriate, right?

What styles from your childhood do you notice reemerging in home interiors? Do you like those things more now or less?

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