Check Out This Home’s Rainbow Fireworks Decor for a Boho Independence Day @bohosusan

What better way to celebrate Independence Day here in the USA than with a house that screams FIRECRACKER!

Owner Terri Shanahan is hard-pressed to choose just one favorite color, and her house celebrates her dilema “I recently saw a quote that said, ‘My favorite color is rainbow.’ That pretty much sums me up,” she says. “I love so many colors. Why stop at one or two?”

Why indeed? @bohosusan
Lisa Romerein photo / HGTV
 When Terri and husband Bob bought this Dutch colonial revival home in Camas, WA, in 2014, she chose 10 Pantone color chips to fuel her decorating plans, then carried them with her as she shopped. @bohosusan
Lisa Romerein photo / HGTV

A blogger and antiques dealer, Terri refused to be limited by the mirrored closet doors flanking the front door in her entryway. In what display space there was, she hung Nama Rococo wallpaper that in reflection amplifies the cozy, crazy crayon feel. @bohosusan
Lisa Romerein photo / HGTV

As much as Terri loves a shock of color, even she has her limits. “I don’t love bright furniture against bright walls,” she says. So every wall in her house is painted white, which makes the colors of everything else pop, just like fireworks.

The gold armchair is a thrift store find, and the Dash & Albert rug ties all the colors together.

My favorite part of this room is that 12-foot-long (!!) pine china cupboard, where Terri displays her collection of glass and ceramics, organized so smartly by—what else?—COLOR. It’s all like an expertly color-blocked outfit, isn’t it? So coherent and cohesive and BRIGHT. @bohosusan
Lisa Romerein photo / HGTV

Terri unified the pine table and antique chairs in her dining room, bought separately, by painting all the same shade of white as the walls, which adds to the drama created by the custom fireworks light fixture.

By the time she moved to this house, she’d been collecting the candy-colored glass globes for more than a decade, so she hired a lighting designer to combine them into one knockout fixture. The painting on the right, under plexiglass, is an artist’s palette she found in the trash. @bohosusan
Lisa Romerein photo / HGTV
 Bob and Terri are grandparents of six, two of whom live nearby and four others who visit often. Grandson Jake, age 5, is pictured with the couple above.
Bob and Terri had the entire kitchen gutted and redone in white (no surprise there) because, she explains, “White shows off my fun dishes, glasses and food better than any color would.”
Betcha can’t argue with that. @bohosusan
Lisa Romerein photo / HGTV

Granddaughter Kennedy, age 8, paints with Terri in the breakfast room, also known as the craft room. The original-to-the-home picture rail on the wall behind them provides the perfect display space for grandmother-grandchild collaborations. @bohosusan
Lisa Romerein photo / HGTV

The Shanahan’s daughter, Lynsey, painted the art that hangs on the wall in the colorful master bedroom against another backdrop of mostly white. The colorful blocked-color afghan folded at the foot of the bed is vintage. @bohosusan
Lisa Romerein photo / HGTV

Terri always wanted a multi-hued tile floor and spent more than five years sorting through boxes of scrap tile at salvage stores to collect enough for the guest bathroom. Bob and she arranged the tiles themselves, to get the pattern and color distribution just the way they wanted them, then hired a professional to install them. Daughter Lynsey also painted the Rothko-like color-blocked canvases flanking the mirror. @bohosusan
Lisa Romerein photo / HGTV
 The Shanahans spend as much time as possible outdoors, weather permitting, where white again serves to unify patio furniture in a hodge-podge of styles. Terri thought the tree trunk need some glad rags, too, so she wrapped it in colorful yarn.

In addition to their two grandchildren, the Shanahans are pictured above with son Luke and daughter-in-law Ember.

Get Terri’s signature rainbow-firecracker look @bohosusan @bohosusan
HGTV Magazine
HGTV Magazine

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