How These 4 Interior Design Magazines Make the Boho Life Better for Me @bohosusan

If I had my ‘druthers, I’d be sitting in that twig chair, sipping an iced coffee and reading interior design and decoration magazines. But not just ANY interior design magazines. Make it one of my four favorites, and add a fudge drizzle to the coffee, K?

After scouting multiple issues of a dozen or so home and garden magazines picked up at the bookstore or grocery checkout, I eventually fell in love with these four. Here’s a quick-and-dirty peek into my favorites and why I subscribe to each one.

1. HGTV Magazine @bohosusan

Interestingly, this is the LAST magazine added to my subscription list, but it has become my #1 favorite. Partially, I think it’s because we don’t have expanded cable (we’re Roku streaming buffs), and the only time I get to watch HGTV is in the dentist’s office. Haha! @bohosusan

So when the print version—which, in all honesty, is completely different from the TV network—arrives, I drop what I’m doing and flip to the tours at the back. This issue, the magazine featuries the home of one of my favorite bloggers, Lindsay of White Buffalo Styling Co., which I told you about in a previous post. @bohosusan

HGTV Mag tours are my favorites because of their scale. Occasionally a home may belong to a celebrity (HGTV host, probably) or is professionally decorated (more likely owned by a decorator or stylist), but most are not. Generally they’re small- to average-sized homes lived in by people more like me, whose hobby is playing around with how their home looks and functions.

In the case of the White Buffalo team—blogger Lindsay and husband Chris—the couple buys fixer-uppers on the small side, renovates, decorates, sells, and buys another. If you give the blog a gander, they’ve sold the hold pictured here and are just beginning a new reno. @bohosusan

And if great, down-to-earth tours aren’t enough for you, each and every one comes with a “now get the look” feature, complete with sources and prices. @bohosusan

I also love the magazine because every issue SHOUTS color… @bohosusan

…and FUN! My two favorite things!! And they never leave you wondering what paint color has been used. But in case you miss it on the page where it first appears… @bohosusan

…there’s always a handy chart at the back of EVERY. Blessed. Paint. Color. In. EVERY. Blessed. Issue. @bohosusan

I always enjoy the recurring features, too.

2. AD (Architectural Digest) @bohosusan

Talk about going from A to Z! (Or should that be A to D?) Where HGTV Magazine is down-to-earth, AD is out of this world. It’s also a magazine I didn’t subscribe to at first. I thought it was probably too high-end for me, but I was wrong.

We all can dream and should. Am I right? You bet I am! @bohosusan

There’s a WEALTH of information in AD that is a joy to read. For instance, features on designers who created legendary products… @bohosusan

…as well as new designs and emerging trends. @bohosusan

And the tours are TO. DIE. FOR. @bohosusan

Though out of my league and always professional designed and styled, what better way to learn about great design than to study it, month after month after month after month?

Each issue of AD is chock FULL of ideas, and if you overlook one or two (it’s easy to get distracted with all that gorgeousness going on), you’ll eventually get reminded of it if you sign up for online access that comes FREE with your subscription. AD clearly has the best online content, which includes current articles, information and photos from its archives, and new material, just for online subscribers.

3. House Beautiful @bohosusan

HB tours are terrific, too. @bohosusan

Again, the scale here is greater than HGTV, and the spaces are always professionally designed. @bohosusan

But the ideas HB keeps pitching at you are always adaptable to a different scale. And you can learn so much from reading the interviews with the designers! @bohosusan
The magazine also has great recurring features that scope out trends and favorites, as well as color. A particular color is featured each issue. This time it’s “Matcha Green,” as in tea, pictured bottom right.

And there’s always a “Name This Color” feature, which, I have to admit, I have entered once or twice (but never won). I’ve always thought naming colors would be the ultimate dream job, so this gives me a chance to live the dream, right?

4. Elle Décor @bohosusan
 Elle Décor has a lot in common with its sister publication House Beautiful format-wise, but it’s a tad more erudite. I don’t say that because I’m into the whole nose-in-the-air thing OR making fun of it. It just is what it is, with in-depth features about art, artists, and art history, as well as interior design and sometimes fashion, and how all kinds of design connect. @bohosusan
 Like my other faves, ED’s tours are always stellar. Homes featured are always professionally designed and styled, but, like with AD and HB, reading about the process and studying the pictures make for great lessons and scaled-down ideas for my own home. @bohosusan

Recurring features include a hefty dose of trend reporting—what’s in the offing, as well as what’s hot right now and where to find it. @bohosusan

But my absolute favorite part of ED (because I’m a pattern nerd) is the “Endpaper” feature, which includes a pattern taken from fabric, wallpaper or art.

HGTV and AD are my two favorites, BUT… @bohosusan

House Beautiful and Elle Décor were the first interior design magazines I subscribed to, and I still wouldn’t want to be without them. You see, I subscribe not only to get ideas for my own home, but also ideas to write about for this blog.

So the more magazines the better, right? Well, kinda sorta. The name of this blog is BoHo Home after all, so publications like Country Living and Traditional Home usually don’t have material that interests me and that I want to share with my readers. But I have subscribed to both at one time or another.

Others I’ve looked into are Veranda (too prissy), Coastal Living (too beachy), and Better Homes & Gardens. BHG I miss, sometimes, so maybe one day, in a weak moment, I’ll add it back. But I can only read so much, you know, and four magazines, along with the 90 or so blogs I scan daily, keeps me plenty busy. @bohosusan

Gotta save time for relaxing on the porch and doing nothing, at least while the weather cooperates, and you should, too!

In the meantime, if you want more… @bohosusan
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