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Last Monday was the last day the sun shone in central Indiana. (Okay, it peeked our around 8 p.m. yesterday, just before it set.) I suppose I should be thankful it’s ONLY rain, since Chris and I were married 28 years ago today on a May 6 that had rain, sleet, snow and wind. And a tiny BIT of sun.

When everyone else said that meant I’d have a stormy marriage, my Aunt Sally told me it meant the opposite, that anyone who experienced all the weather systems on one single day (including a BIT of sun) would have an extra special marriage. She said she knew because that’s what happened to her and my Uncle Newell as well.

I’ll take that. Chris is still my bestest friend. But the weather thing? I’m ready for it to be gone, and maybe showing some gorgeous, sun-drenched rooms in today’s post will chase it away. @bohosusan
Dianna Snape photo / via Moon to Moon

This first one is the bedroom in the Warrendyte, Australia, home of artists Inge and Graham King. I love its snug aspect and how the wood shelves, decorated with some of Inge’s sculptures, parse the view. I think I’d even like lying here, looking out, watching the rain. Take the full tour and learn the house’s history at @bohosusan
Ana Kamin photo / Apartment Therapy

It’s a simple scene in a simple Scandinavian home in the California woods near Orinda, but I love it nonetheless. The mirror helps bounce the sun around, as well reflect the beautiful view outdoors. Continue your tour of this sunny side of life at Apartment Therapy. @bohosusan
Via Planete Deco

I could get used to cooking in a sun-filled kitchen like this one. Or maybe I should say I would start cooking IF I had a sun-filled kitchen like this one. No, better not make any promises. But I do want cabinet doors similar to these when (if) we redo our kitchen someday.

Sure wish the triple window and enormous skylight casting this glow could also be packaged and sold. Well, technically, I suppose it could be, but you see where I’m going. In lieu of funding and opportunity, tour the whole sun-splashed Swedish almost-loft at Planete Deco. @bohosusan
David Johnson photo / Remodelista

The window panes and trees cast delightful shadows in this midcentury modern house north of New York City. For us home interiors fanatics, the house is the real star of the recently released movie 3 Generations. If you can’t wait until the flick comes to your theater to see the rest of this house, take it all in at Remodelista. Reportedly, it was designed by a Frank Lloyd Wright disciple who apprenticed at Taliesin. @bohosusan
Eric Piasecki photo /via Desire to Inspire

Oh the joys of breakfast, lunch and dinner shared in this kitchen diner! Lots of glorious light bouncing around everywhere, so that even the floor looks happy, soaking up all that juicy vitamin C. @bohosusan
Anders Bergstedt photo / via Planete Deco

I don’t usually share many kitchen photos, but that’s the room I keep coming back to today. I love how the half-moon-shaped window, barely visible in this photo, casts a glowing spell on the floorboards. See the rest of this home, also Swedish, also at Planete Deco. @bohosusan
Via Casinha Colorida

I could live in a loft, IF it came with an elevator. The sunshine is usually a given, given the soaring, factory-style windows of most lofts. But I’d promise NEVER to take either part of loft living for granted. @bohosusan
Lisa Diederich photo / Apartment Therapy

Another simple scene, this one in a carriage house reno in Nashville, TN. Check out the quirky-cool woodwork and how the sun coming through the venetian blinds casts diagonal patterns. See the rest of this rental (and hope the current resident moves out so I can move in) at Apartment Therapy. @bohosusan
Alvhem / via Keltainen Talo Rannalla

More gorgeous windows, more delightful patterns of sun shining through them, and yet another Swedish apartment. See the rest of this one at Keltainen Talo Rannalla (The Yellow House on the Beach). If you don’t read Finnish, just alt-mouse-click and select “translate.” @bohosusan
Erik Melvin photo / Atelier Doré

Alas, it’s still raining. So maybe what I need is to make my own sunshine, like the owner of this Paris apartment did. It’s actually pretty convincing.

But until I get my hands on a bucket of white paint…

I’ll sing the rainy-Saturday-bossa-nova blues along with one of my favorite chanteuses, Jane Monheit…

Yes, once I, too, walked in the sun. Still do whenever I’m with my sweetie. But that blazing bright thang way up in the sky? Haven’t felt its warmth on my shoulders in waaaaay too long. Here’s hoping I’ll walk in its light again very soon and that the sun is shining bright wherever all of you are.

Until then,



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