GOT MAIL #7 / IKEA 2017 Art In-Store Only @bohosusan
Shelfie by Jean Jullien / IKEA

IKEA’s 2017 art event is here today and gone tomorrow—a marketing turn-of-phrase pulled directly from the press release and meant to leave your boho heart breathless. Why? Because the event is in-store only.

That means not available online or by phone, as the website clearly states. @bohosusan
Life Is Pay the Bill by Hahan / IKEA

What IS that about IKEA? All the best stuff is ALWAYS in-store only. @bohosusan
We Are One by Hell’o (Jérôme Maynen and Antoine Detaille) / IKEA

It’s like they WANT to bolster the crumbling idea of brick-and-mortar and force aging boho mamas with bad knees to limp their labyrinthine aisles in AGONY, hoping to happen upon an unoccupied display chair in which to collapse.

Is there oxygen available, too? And referees in case we are legion? @bohosusan
Assembling Reality by Amit Greenberg / IKEA

Of course, this aging boho mama with bad knees has to make a two-hour journey in a cramped car FIRST to reach the closest store, THEN stay the merchandising path until she finds the accessible art she came for. @bohosusan
Big Audio Dyn-O-Mite by Kevin Lyons / IKEA

I scream agony (and SCREAM in general) because IKEA has been highly criticized for not making motorized carts available to mobility challenged shoppers, yet they’ve done nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. ZERO.

I want them to hear MY cry at HQ

This is America, after all, where life, liberty and market accessibility (which = the pursuit of happiness) are unalienable rights! If they want to sell here, let it be by our rules (MY rules even). Am I right?

They DO have wheelchairs available, which means have bulging biceps or bring a shopping buddy who’s willing and able to push. It sounds a bit like running a gauntlet, given the puzzle palace layout of each IKEA store. @bohosusan
No wonder this a customer added this “relationship saving station” at a California store. Here’s to hoping it becomes a permanent fixture when IKEA opens in Indianapolis later this year.
But by then, all that limited-edition, affordable art will be history and showing up on ebay at not-so-affordable prices.

Enough of my complaints, let’s get to the art:

  • Art Event 2017 includes 12 diverse posters from internationally known artists.
  • Each is 16-by-35 inches and printed on high-quality, textured paper.
  • Each is available for $9.99, if you can get to and through the store in time. (Just sayin’) @bohosusan
Reflections on Deep Thought by Micha Payer & Martin Gabriel / IKEA

“We have a very strong and simple vision about art at IKEA,” says Henrik Most, Art Event 2017 creative leader, “and it’s that art should be affordable—it should be accessible for the many people—and also that art belongs in the home, not just in galleries or museums.”

So affordable = accessible in the IKEA mindset? How European of them! @bohosusan
Keep It Mello by Steven Harrington / IKEA

All griping (and joking) aside again…

The frames shown in this post are taken from this IKEA promotional video, which showcases all 12 of the posters in the 2017 collection:

If you have an IKEA nearby and the stamina to carry through, how about we make a deal and you pick a few things up for me, K?

If you want more…

  • Follow the links in the photo captions to see each poster up-close-and-personal.
  • Read about the artists and view the full collection online HERE. Just don’t plan to order that way. It might push IKEA corporate past its hoi polloi threshold.
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