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Color, comfort, and approachable elegance that bring happiness to your home—these are the hallmarks of designer Annie Selke, whose career began in textile design and has run the gamut from fashion to home interiors to entrepreneur.

A consummate traveler and flea-market treasure hunter, Selke gathers inspiration wherever she goes and distills her ideas into a variety of fabulous and functional products for the home and for the person. Her brands include Pine Cone Hill, Dash & Albert, Luxe, Fresh American, and Annie Selke Outlet.

Though much of what she offers is out of my price range, I still love looking, and I think you will too. I couldn’t have been more revved than when her latest catalog showed up in my mailbox and I began to immerse myself in Annie Selke color and pattern. I’ve picked out a few favorites, but there’s GOBS more to see on her website. In most of the photos included here, EVERYTHING in the photo is part of her collection, but I’ll only be including descriptions of and links to the items I’m swooning over.

Speaking of swooning, pillows are my go-to item, and Annie Selke has loads of beauties. @bohosusan

The pillows on this sofa all hail from the Pine Cone Hill Bright Bohemian Collection (small wonder they caught my eye!) and are made in India in a fair-trade arrangement with skilled artisans. They are the faves of all my favorites!! Check them all out, left to right:

  • The Jamboree Embroidered Pillow sports lots and lots of brilliant handmade tassels, hand-embroidered swirls and fringe in a wool blend. It measures 16-by-20 inches and sells for $152.
  • Next up is the Swirl Embroidered Decorative Pillow, done in a style reminiscent of kantha quilts. The 18-inch square cotton sells for $134.
  • The Boho Embroidered Pillow, true to its name, is a colorful riot of handcraftsmanship, pattern play, and exquisite embellishment on a patterned base of hand-screened houndstooth. The “double boudoir” size measures 15-by-35 inches, and it sells for $264.
  • The Geodesic Embroidered Pillow is embroidered all over in an intricate geometric pattern that mixes neon ribbons and yarns for an almost three-dimensional effect. The pillow is 100-percent cotton with acrylic embroidery, measures 22-inches square, and sells for $222. @bohosusan
Annie Selke

A Peruvian textile served as the inspiration for the splashy linen Lima Grey Decorative Pillow. It features hand-embroidery in soft acrylic with a cotton back, measures 20-inches square, and sells for $202. I love how the embroidery pops against the gray linen background. @bohosusan
Annie Selke photo

The Amelie Embroidered Pillows are an exuberant, tactile update on paisley. They can be ordered in either 20-inches square or 15-by-20-inches at $162 and $208, respectively. @bohosusan
Annie Selke

The Veva Decorative Pillow (front) features playful circular cotton appliques on a grid-patterned linen base, embellished with acrylic embroidery—all in the refined palette of fuchsia, gold, sage, sky, and burnt orange. The pillow can be ordered in either 20-inches square for $152 or double boudoir for $206. Behind Veva is the coordinating Borla Decorative Pillow, which starts with the same linen base then adds festive tassels in shades of turquoise, gold, fuchsia, and burnt orange for a fresh, fun vibe. The 22-inch square pillow sells for $168. @bohosusan
Annie Selke

An antique document served as inspiration for the exquisitely detailed Poppy Pink Decorative Pillow. It features vibrant pink folded petal-pleat appliques accented by elegant embroidery, delicate beading, and dressmaker details in a linen/cotton blend. At 22-inches square, it sells for $186, and also comes in blue. @bohosusan
Annie Selke

The colorful, African-inspired embroidery of the Kenya Embroidered Decorative Pillow will bring a touch of savannah style to your bed or sitting area. The eclectic embroidery tops a cotton/linen base in desert shades of clay, sand, and sky, making this pillow another bohemian dream. It comes in 20-inches square for $162 or 15-by-35 inches for $236.

Behind it you’ll spy the Anatolia Linen Decorative Pillow, inspired by patterns found in oriental rugs and embellished with soft fringe on all four sides. Crafted of 100-percent linen, this pillow makes fast friends with both neutrals and deep earth tones. It comes in two sizes: 20-inches square and 22-by-40 inches, for $92 and $164, respectively.

Selke does more than pillows, of course. @bohosusan
Annie Selke

Another item from the Bright Bohemian Collection—the Kartika Embroidered Bed Scarf—also caught my eye. A bedscarf is just a simple way to add that final layer of luxury to your bed without all the bulk of a throw or additional quilt. At 44-by-100 inches, it works with most any size bed (kings are 76 inches wide) or folds over the back of a sofa for an instant pop of color. Kartika features a soft, hand-quilted cotton base embroidered with neon acrylic yarns. Handmade tassels on the two shorter ends complete the free-spirited effect. The bedscarf retails for $444. @bohosusan
Annie Selke photos

The Kartika design is also available in fashion for your table. Instead of tassels, the Stone-Washed Linen Shale Embroidered Table Runner sports colorful fringe. It measures 16-inches wide by 84-inches long, sells for $198 and also comes in green. Choose coordinating Stone-Washed Linen Embroidered Napkins in shale with magenta embroidery or green with turquoise embroidery to mix and match with either color of runner or double as dresser, side table and nightstand toppers. A set of four napkins is priced at $200. @bohosusan
Annie Selke

Not all the items in this Christmas collection are still available, but I had to show the photo to you anyway because everything is so colorful and boho. And maybe they will even give the crafty among you some ideas for stellar knock-offs for holiday season 2017. Maybe I will even try them myself! @bohosusan
Annie Selke photos

What IS still available now is the Multicolor Jubilee Felt Stocking for $40 and the Fabulous Felt Flowers Set of 20 for $210. That latter price, especially, should motivate you to DIY! For the stockings, strips of wool felt are sewn together, then accented along the outer edges with dark fuchsia whip-stitching. They measure 10-inches wide by 15-inches long and have a solid red back and hanging loop. The flowers range in size from 2.75 to 4 inches in diameter and can be used for package decorations, ornaments, jewelry, table decorations, combined in a garland or wreath, or used in whatever way your bright and bohemian imagination can cook up. @bohosusan
Annie Selke photo

Selke offers a wide variety of art, but this Floral Mosaic most appealed to my boho sensibilities. The abstract print features a riotous exploration of colors that suggest the play of light over a garden in full bloom. It’s perfect for neutral rooms where you want to add a punch of color, or brighter rooms where you want to let your boho maximal mama go all out. At $473, it measures 21-by-41 inches and can be hung horizontally or vertically. A similar piece, Garden Mosaic, features blue, green and orange tones, measures approximately 30-by-60 inches, and sells for $837.

How ‘bout we cut a rug next?

A post on Annie Selke brands wouldn’t be complete without a gander at a few of her famous Dash & Albert Rugs. @bohosusan
Annie Selke photo

My hands-down favorite has to be the Cat’s Paw Grey Wool Micro-Hooked Rug. It’s not just the name—though, as you know, I love anything “cat”—but the pattern and color have captured my heart. I love the subtle neutral tones, reminiscent of my favorite feline—as well as the irregular print. It’s almost an animal print, but more subtle. It reminds me of pebbles—very smooth ones, in the shallows of the fresh-water Finger Lakes I grew up around. “Micro-hooked” means smaller “mini” loops in a finer-gauge 100-percent wool yarn, which makes the rug flatter and perfect for high-traffic areas. It also requires little maintenance to assure long wear. @bohosusan
Annie Selke photo

And the Cat’s Paw pattern comes in a bevy of boho boss colors, as well (not pictured: Sage). Sizes run from 2-by-3 feet to 10-by-14 feet, and prices start at $86. @bohosusan
Annie Selke photo

Another favorite of mine is the Follow the Arrows Cotton Yarn Hooked Rug. It’s hand-hooked with twisted yarns, which gives it a springy, cushier, looped construction. Each rug is also finished with a cotton canvas backing, attached with latex. Sizes range from 2-by-3 feet to 10-by-14 feet. Originally priced at $124-$2,798, this rug is now available in the outlet for $87-$1,959.

Rug patterns show up in other products @bohosusan
Annie Selke photos

For Instance, these flat-weave tote patterns may be rugs, as well as pillows, throws, scarves, etc. Clockwise from upper left they are: Rainbow Stripe Woven Cotton Tote, $72; Wyatt Woven Cotton Tote Bag, $72; Gypsy Stripe Multi-Woven Cotton Tote, $86; and Stone Soup Woven Cotton Tote, $72. All are 19-by-16-3 inches, though other totes are available in different sizes and shapes.

This is a price-point I can afford, but how can I decide which one?!!! Help!!! @bohosusan
Annie Selke photo

Selke sells a bevy of beautiful scarves, many of which are currently outlet-priced. But it was these two that caught my boho eye: the Layla Embroidered Shawl (left) and the Maya Embroidered Shawl (right.) Both are wool with viscose machine embroidery and can be worn to keep your shoulders warm or as oversize scarves. They measure 27-by-70 inches and sell for $104. @bohosusan
Annie Selke photo

Annie Selke’s plush robes come in a rainbow of solid colors, but my favorite is this striped beauty, the Selke Fleece Blossom Striped Robe, which is a rainbow unto itself. Made of machine washable polyester fleece, this robe features oversized patch pockets, a long tie belt, and is sized to hang mid-calf. It’s available in petite length and one-size-fits-most, both priced at $103.

Want more? I thought you’d never ask…

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