Meet ‘Summer Camp’ Boho Home Decor

Would you believe the owners of this Mill Valley, Calif., camp reno moved here from a Greenwich Village, NY, rental apartment? That’s coast-to-coast boho home!

They lived in the city, yes, but both grew up going to rustic summer camps—he in Ontario and she in the Adirondacks. All I can say is, they must had some great memories of that time, based on what they’ve done with this property.


“A house can be a vessel for change. To envision how it will shape your life and then to live the way you’d hoped—it’s kind of profound.”

Mark Harris, owner

No “kind of” about it, in my book.

Granted, owners Mark and Blythe Harris had the help of architect Gil Schafer and interior designer Rita Konig. As a team, they managed to keep the flavor and feel of a quaint summer camp without eschewing modern convenience, functionality, and downright beauty. If the summer camp in Harris Hill, NY, that I attended as a kid looked even remotely like this, I would have cried when I had to go back home.
Eric Piasecki

I love the matchstick blinds used on these French doors. Nothing divides the light in a room into more glimmering slices than a matchstick blind. It was my window treatment of choice in my early apartments because it was cheap. Why did I ever give it up?


Eric Piasecki

A window seat with a window you can climb in and out of—now that’s my kind of camp! What a great spot to curl up with a book and nod off on a lazy summer day. And more matchstick blinds—be still, my heart!


Eric Piasecki

The table lamps appear to be wired in and through the table, then plugged into the floor socket below the one on the left. I love the eclectic gathering of art on the gallery wall as well, and that plate of figs is calling my name. Anyone for fig cobbler? Yumm.


Eric Piasecki

We never had a bar at our summer camp, but it’s a great idea for the counselors, who I know from experience could have used a stiff drink. Those gorgeous green crystal lamps are a fun counterpoint to the rattan pendant, and I love the locker built-ins.


Eric Piasecki

This is my favorite room in this house. I love the mix of high and low—crystal lamps and a French Provincial caned bed alongside all those rustic pieces and vintage textiles. And more matchstick blinds!!


Eric Piasecki

Here’s yet another great nap spot, right off that killer master bedroom. You’d likely find me curled up on this sofa, my head at the end where the sun hits. There’s nothing much sweeter than waking up to feel the warmth of the sunshine on your face, unless it’s falling asleep under the stars on a warm summer night.

Is that Taps I hear playing on a bugle? G’night!

See/read more about this renovation at Elle Décor.

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