Call Me Green With Envy

I ADORE this bedroom, and it gives me the feeling I want to have when I enter my own bedroom.

It’s a guest room in what was the home of artist Claudio Bravo in Marrakesh. I love the sense of restfulness the olive green wall color lends, though in my bedroom I might want to go a bit darker with a little less yellow overtone to compliment this quilt…

…which my mother made for her hope chest when she was 14.

It’s taken me most of my life to appreciate the greens, mustards and chartreuses my teenage momma chose for this quilt. She ALWAYS adored green, and growing up, I think I just got tired of our carpet, cars, walls and nearly everything else being green.

But she’ll be gone 10 years in September, and now green and the quilt speak to me of her. Lovingly and soothingly.

Just like this room.

The quilt would work as a full or queen coverlet, but I have a king bed, so my plan is to display it folded at the foot, like this, only with a different coverlet beneath it. (A whole bed covered with it would be way too busy for me!)

I could go with off-white or a washed-out gold like the coverlet in the inspiration room–that is IF I can find it. I’d love for my coverlet to have texture like the photo, as well.

To me, the quilt folded across the foot of the bed is the visual equivalent of the bone marquetry desk in the inspiration room. I don’t want furniture in this spot because my bed has storage drawers I use daily. But the quilt would provide the punch of pattern seen here. The remaining bedding would be tonal and subtle enough to keep the overall effect subdued.

This is how my bedroom looks now. I’d definitely change out the bed pillow covers, window treatment, nightstand mat, and a vanity chair seat cover (out of view, left). I MIGHT decide to reupholster the headboard as well as two occasional chairs (out of view across from foot of bed), though all three are about the same color as the carpet, which won’t change, and would probably work as is, though I like the darker backdrop of the inspiration headboard.

For window treatments, the inspiration room has latticed shutters, and that’s not going to happen in my ACTUAL room. I’ll stick with the Duette shade I currently have for privacy, but perhaps top it with something suggestive of the lattice–light and breezy and boho.

Maybe something like this…

One sheer panel knotted would be more than enough for my window. And a lacy fringed sheer, similar to the one at right, would suggest lattice through its pattern. I think I’d prefer a standard rod pocket top to tab tops, and I may or may not change my existing rod–perhaps to a rattan look?

The inspiration room has simple brass candles on either side of the bed and a Moroccan lantern overhead. I need actual electric lamps on either side of the bed and want to keep my overhead ceiling fan.

But I’m open to changing out these bedside lamps, which I’ve had a while, to something more Moroccan or candelabrum-like, as long as they cast enough light and don’t take up too much room. Wall mounts are a possibility.

This lamp could also be switched out for something more Moroccan and the pillows for something smaller and more subtle.

Do you think I can get from the photo on the left to the photo on the right? The biggest impediment is talking my husband into (I mean through) it (LOL). He’ll say what he always says: “What’s wrong with how it is now? I like it that way. And didn’t you just change it?”

He’s right, you know. Our bedroom is the room I change most often. We’ve lived here nearly eight years, and this will be its FOURTH iteration.


I know we all spend a third of our lives in our bedrooms, but it’s mainly with the lights out and eyes closed. So why am I always wanting new and different there? Do some of you have this same experience? Little does hubs know that once the bedroom is done, I’m moving to the master bath, AGAIN, at least for painting.

But for now I’ll just stick with choosing the right green for the bedroom and talking him into painting it. The rest will be my little surprise, but that olive green color will leave him so mellow I’ll have him eating out of my hand! ;->

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