Boho Brights Energize Open Concept

I like my kitchens sleek, modern and uber-functional—same way I like my men—but you seldom see me get excited over one from a magazine or designer’s portfolio (kitchen or man!).

I’m even LESS likely to feature a kitchen on BoHo Home. That is, until I collided with this one, and man, did it ever get my boho-baby motor purring. @bohosusan
Actually, it’s more than a mere kitchen. It’s a combination kitchen, living room and dining room. On the must list when the Consiglio family designed the space for their Greensboro, NC, new build:
  • An open layout that allowed mom Amy to see clear through to the living room
  • A big island
  • Restaurant-quality features, like a powerful hood to whoosh away cooking odors

“Food is like a sport for us,” says Amy Consiglio. “We love prepping, cooking, and eating—we even hold little competitions—so we knew we had to get the kitchen right and build the rest of the house around it.”

Smart woman, that Amy. If you like to cook and you’ve ever lived in an open-layout home with a builder’s grade range hood (I have), you’ll understand what she’s saying. All those cooking vapors travel and build up over time on your upholstery, walls, light fixtures—you name it. A properly rated hood/fan for the space, vented to the outdoors, makes a monumental difference. It’s not a sexy buy, but it’s money well-spent. @bohosusan
David Land
Amy’s hood is sleek, modern and unobtrusive (another good quality for a man!), but it’s what’s under the hood, literally, that counts the most. Meaning the fan, but okay, now that we’re on the subject, it’s the same for the man, too! @bohosusan
David Land

Amy teamed up with designer Jessica Dauray to help her focus her ideas for the space, and together they piled on patterns. “The trick is that we stuck with three main colors: chartreuse, teal and white,” Amy explains. “The mix keeps your eye moving around the space so it always feels high-energy in here.” The gray-and-white striped rug ups the energy while remaining neutral colorwise and is easy-care polypropylene.

When Amy couldn’t find a large enough print for the ottoman, she designed one herself and had it printed on To me, that dreamsicle orange around the sides makes the room. Ordinarily I’m not a fan of white sofas, but this one is Sunbrella fabric, which makes it extra stain-resistant. And if that range hood is doing its job, the furniture has nothing to fear. @bohosusan
David Land

The glass tile for the backsplash inspired the room’s signature chartreuse. Husband Brian discovered the neon pendants at the last minute, and “they make the room,” says Amy. Each one weighs more than 100 pounds and required special reinforcement.

The 12-foot island with quartz counter provides plenty of room for all those food competitions and for working on school projects. “We thought the kitchen table and banquette would be our gathering place,” Amy adds. “But honestly, everyone’s always at the island. It’s our favorite place for coffee, parties, and doing homework.” @bohosusan
David Land

That’s okay. More room for me on the banquette, which I am seriously drooling over. That Jonathan Alder for Kravet fabric on the back is called “Pots,” and I adore its midcentury modern vibe, as well as the mix of greens with gray and teal. The ottoman seems to repeat its shapes, and together they unify the space. @bohosusan
David Land

The coffered, 10-foot ceiling adds character to the living room, but it’s the inset color—Sherwin Williams Frolic—that makes the space so cozy, IMHO. “I couldn’t stand white every which way,” Amy says, and I agree.

“When I met Amy and Brian, I knew this was not going to be a beige house,” Dauray says. All I can say is, Who wants beige when you can have this? It makes me happy just drooling over it.

I. Am. Agog.

No small feat. Really. @bohosusan
David Land

Good thing this feature is online at the HGTV website because my copy has drool rings all over these pages. Especially this page.
Read the full story here, or pick up a copy of the May 2016 HGTV Magazine before it sells out for a complete source list and a mood board. And while you’re clickin’ and grinnin’, follow my blog with Bloglovin.
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