Best of All Design Worlds Meld Beautifully in Boho Greenwich Village Penthouse @bohosusan
Stephen Kent Johnson photo
The March 2017 issue of Elle Decor features a stunning Greenwich Village penthouse that mixes old world style with bohemian avant garde. The building itself is 19th century but was bought in the 1940s by an artsy couple who made their home in the penthouse and converted the floors below into efficiency apartments for GIs returning from World War II.
Fast-forward to the 1990s, when the current occupant of said penthouse moved into a “shoebox-like studio” in that same building. The remaining owner was in her 90s then, and when she passed, he migrated to the larger space.
“Over a weekend I moved upstairs with some shopping bags,” he laughs. @bohosusan
Stephen Kent Johnson photo
You wouldn’t guess that now, as the apartment reflects a quarter-century of globetrotting and collecting by the now top executive in the fashion industry. Furnishings from antiques shops in his hometown of New Orleans, as well as Paris flea markets and the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul fill the space.
What I wouldn’t give for that glorious bank of windows! @bohosusan
Stephen Kent Johnson photo
This photo provides a glimpse of the tile accents the previous residents added. They designed the penthouse in Mission Revival style, and the current resident has yet to change any of the original architectural detail. @bohosusan
Stephen Kent Johnson photo
That goes for the kitchen as well, which still sports its original farmhouse sink, now skirted in a Ralph Lauren linen. @bohosusan
Stephen Kent Johnson photo
Same goes for the wrought-iron chandelier and stairway railings, though the latter is “a little jiggly.” @bohosusan
Stephen Kent Johnson photo
The homeowner enjoys mixing new and old and everything in between. “I think today’s taste is a mix of all eras,” he says. “You can wear sneakers with a suit. Why not mix something contemporary with something 300 years old?” @bohosusan
Stephen Kent Johnson photo
I love the restful eclecticism of the bedroom. Put an oriental rug down in a space, and it pulls everything together. @bohosusan
Stephen Kent Johnson photo
The master bath’s tile and sink are original, and the Venetian-plastered walls are the same shade as style icon Diana Vreeland‘s Chinese red-lacquered living room.

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